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ALERT: Grass Fungus

All, you have probably notice that the grass as you enter the subdivision on the right side has a lot of round dead looking spots. These spots are caused by a lot of rain and cooler weather for this time of year and are called FUNGUS spots. This problem can continue during the summer and early fall.

The best way to stop these spots is with a FUNGUS treatment. You can tell your lawn service to spray for FUNGUS or apply it yourself. The Fungicide can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in powdered form or you can apply it by hose. If your neighbor has this problem you will soon have it even if you don't have it now. It will rain again this weekend with cooler weather so I'm sure the problem will get worse.

I have been asked what is the name of the product you should get to control yard fungus if you want to apply it yourself. I purchased mine at Lowes hose spray type. It is by BAYER ADVANCE and is labeled " FUNGUS CONTROL FOR LAWNS". It covers about 5000 sq ft. It is about $18.00. I bought 3 bottles. It protects up to month. I would think there are other products out there.

Your neighbor

Ron Serati


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