Welcome to Our New Neighbors!

2019 New Arrivals


The Hayes Family

270 Mossy Way

Sharon and Heath Hayes moved into Lost Creek in late July 2019 from Douglasville.  They purchased their Lost Creek home in May and are renovating before actually moving here.


Sharon and Heath have three children: Benjamin, who is 5, Luke who is 3, and Miriam, who is 17 months. 


The family has already met several neighbors; in fact, they found their beautiful Lost Creek home through a Church friend, Dale Bentley! The boys have gone to the summer camp that Robin Toole had in her yard.


Heath is in banking.  Sharon is a homemaker who keeps very busy with three little ones! The family loves the outdoors and are excited to enjoy the beauty of Lost Creek. 

The Shanks Family

4800 Cross Creek Court

Kristie and Kenny Shanks moved to Lost Creek in July 2019 from Dallas, GA. Along with Kristie and Kenny, the Shanks family includes Hannah, who will be 14 in October, and 11-year-old Patrick.


Kenny is in Financial Planning, and Kristie is a Parapro at Smyrna Elementary.


The Shanks enjoy outdoor activities and hiking. Lacrosse is a family activity! Hannah and Patrick both play the sport, and Kristie and Kenny enjoy watching! The games often take them “on the road,” so they combine vacation time with lacrosse games. This is perfect because the Shanks family enjoys traveling.

The Wearing Family

319 Lost Creek Drive

Trista and Brian Wearing closed on their home in June 2019, relocating from Mableton, Georgia. Along with Trista and Brian, the Wearing family includes two sons: Evan, who was 15 in June, and Ethan, who was 11 in June. Both Evan and Ethan attend Mount Paran School.


Brian owns his own company and rents construction equipment. His handy-man abilities are definitely coming in handy with their extensive remodeling. Trista is a Director of Talent Acquisition for Corps Team and often works from home. 


During this busy move-in period, the Wearing’s main hobby is home renovation! Both Evan and Ethan also enjoy playing baseball.


Trista and Brian were attracted to the area initially because they have friends who recently moved here. When they saw Lost Creek with the trees and large lots, they knew that this is where they wanted to live!

The Roddey Family

5004 Barnwood Terrace

Angela and Thomas Roddey moved to Lost Creek in June from Brookstone. Along with Angela and Thomas, the Roddey family includes Zoe, who is 13. Zoe currently attends Dominion Christian, but may attend Harrison for high school.


Thomas is a Navy vet who is a Nuclear Engineer and Angela is a Practice Manager for Wellstar Cardiology in Roswell. Thomas is originally from the South and Angela is from the Midwest. However, they have lived all over the country. The family has been in Georgia for the past 4 years. Now that they have found Lost Creek, this is their forever after home!


The Roddeys were attracted to Lost Creek for several of the same reasons so many of us have become enamored of our beautiful community… the trees, large lots, the woods – Angela especially enjoys the serenity of the neighborhood. They also enjoy the wildlife, seeing the deer from their windows and waiting for the turkeys to cross the road as Angela drives to work in the morning.

The White Family

4697 Lock Ridge Drive

Stephanie and J.R. White who are in the process of moving to Lost Creek. Stephanie and J.R. have one child: John who is 6 and goes to Due West Elementary. 


J.R. is in Supply Chain Sales and designs warehouses for an international company.  Stephanie is the staff lead of the Economics Department at Emory University.


The family loves our beautiful area. They are anxious to meet their neighbors and other children and to arrange play dates for John. When time permits, they enjoy reading and tennis. Stephanie is involved in pet rescue, which is really amazing since J.R. is allergic to dogs and cats!

Christine Hug and Mark Sandeen

4789 Deer Run

Christine Hug and Mark Sandeen moved into Lost Creek in April from Powder Springs, GA. In 2016, they moved to Georgia from Australia, where they met. Mark is originally from the United States and Christine is from Germany.  

Christine is a geologist, and Mark is a graphic designer. They are both very musical. Between the two of them, they play a full band of musical instruments – acoustic guitars, percussion, keyboard, etc., are permanent fixtures in the living and dining rooms of their home.

Calling all Lost Creek musicians…contact Mark to get a neighborhood band going!  Should be lots of fun to jam together, and you can even play for Lost Creek functions!

The Fountain Family

284 Oak Hammock Drive

We welcome Misty and John Fountain to the neighborhood!

The Ye Family

4699 Lock Ridge Court

We welcome John and Stephanie Ye to the neighborhood!

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