Welcome to Our New Neighbors!

2020 New Arrivals


The Youngberg Family

4784 Deer Run

Ashleigh and Kurt moved to Lost Creek in August 2020 from the Laurel Ridge subdivision off Due West. Although they have lived in the area for 3 years, the Youngbergs are originally from Utah. There are three children in the Youngberg family: Holden, who is 11; Westley, who will be 7 this month; and Sloane, who is about to turn 4 later in August.


Kurt is a Psychologist in private practice; he also teaches at the University of West Georgia in Carrolton, where he studied. Ashleigh works from home in Amazon Consulting, a family-owned business.


Ashleigh enjoys cooking and baking. The family likes all outdoor activities - including camping, hiking, and climbing. 


Since they lived in the area for three years, they became acquainted with local neighborhoods. They KNEW that Lost Creek was the only neighborhood where they wanted to live. They love having more privacy and land. They especially enjoy the nature feel of our beautiful neighborhood and have already used the walking trail. They have met some very friendly neighbors and are looking forward to meeting more people. Ashleigh has already checked the directory for playmates for the children. 


Another benefit of living in the area is that the Youngbergs are near family. Ashleigh’s parents moved from Virginia to Canton. Her sister and brother also live in Georgia.

The Mehal Family

5000 Barnwood Terrace

Jason and Katie Mehal moved to Lost Creek in July 2020 from Smyrna. Katie and Jason have one little girl, Ella, who turned 3 in May. 


Jason works for Home Depot – a very handy place to work when buying a new house! Katie is a stay-at-home mom.


Jason is originally from this area; in fact, he went to Harrison High School. Katie is originally from East Cobb.


The Mehal family wanted to live in this area mainly because we have great Cobb County schools and Jason grew up here. They were awed by how green Lost Creek is and were enchanted by the big beautiful wooded lots. They saw the house listed and knew it was where they wanted to live.


Besides unpacking and chasing around a toddler, the Mehal’s enjoy swimming (perfect house with a beautiful pool) and being with family and friends. 

The Martin Family

320 Lost Creek Drive

Lindsey and David Martin moved to Lost Creek at the end of July 2020 from Thomasville, GA. They were only living there for a short time and were residing in Dallas, Texas, before then.


Lindsey and David have an adorable little boy, Ford, who is currently 9 months old. 


David is a Sales Manager for Corteba Agri Science. This company resulted from a merger of Dow and Dupont, so the company is a manufacturer of agricultural chemicals. Lindsey is in Corporate Communication with American Airlines.  Both of their jobs involve traveling. 


The family loves traveling and spending time outdoors. They enjoy entertaining and watching football, especially College Football. Both David and Lindsey went to UGA.


Lindsey and David were enchanted by Lost Creek as soon as they entered the neighborhood.  They knew this is where they wanted to live, even before they saw their beautiful home. Of course, once they drove through Lost Creek with all the trees and wonderful amenities, they were hooked!  They enjoy that this is an established neighborhood with traditional homes. Their previous home was on five acres, so the privacy and trees in Lost Creek were perfect for them!


In addition, they have come back “home.” David’s family is in Statesboro, GA, and Lindsey’s family is in Marietta. So they are close to both families and they have lots of willing babysitters for little Ford!

The Burger Family

4806 Cross Creek Court

Marci and Terry Burger moved to Lost Creek in July 2020 from West Cobb. Although they have lived in the area for 20 years, the Burgers are originally from Ohio.


Along with Marci and Terry, the Burger family includes their son Collin, who is 17, and their daughter, Kaitlyn, who is 14. Collin will be a senior at Cornerstone Prep; Kaitlyn will be a freshman at Harrison. Another member of the family is Linus, the dog.


Terry is a Real Estate Investor, and Marci is a stay-at-home mom. Terry formerly was a band director, and Marci was a teacher.


The Burgers enjoy golf and music. Kaitlyn is in theater and the family loves going to the theater. In fact, they have season tickets to the Fox.


Terry, who is in Real Estate, has always considered Lost Creek to be his favorite neighborhood. The family was excited to find a home available in Lost Creek (on the market only 4 days) when they were looking. They enjoy all the trees and privacy, and their beautiful home has a screened-in porch, surrounded by trees, which has quickly become their favorite spot to relax.

The Blakes Family

301 Mossy Way

Chris and Carleen Blakes moved to Lost Creek in April 2020 from Acworth. They previously lived in the New York area.


Carleen and Chris have 2 adult sons and 2 grandsons, with a third on the way. Both of their sons live in the area, one in Smyrna and one in Acworth, so they see them frequently.


Chris is a Bridge Designer and Inspector and Carleen is recently retired from the corporate world and is now a Domestic Engineer. So the Blakes family has TWO engineers!


Chris enjoys all sporting events and has already run on the trail. Chris also enjoys playing tennis. Carleen likes to read and the couple is fond of traveling and enjoys being outdoors.


The Blakes were attracted to the area because Lost Creek is so natural with the trees and big lots. They were enamored of the amenities with the Club House, swimming pool, tennis courts, and the walking trails – the beautiful outdoor area and all our privacy. They lived in their previous home for 27 years and are excited to now be part of our beautiful community

The Moore Family

284 Mossy Way

Veronica and Calvin Moore who moved to Lost Creek January 31, 2020 from the West Cobb area.


Veronica and Calvin have two children: Jayden, who was 8 in November, and Maxwell, who turned 6 in February. Both boys attend Due West Elementary School.


Calvin is a Customer Service Manager for Southwest Airlines. Veronica also works for Southwest Airlines. Sounds like a traveling family!


The family loves sports and the boys are involved in every sport! Right now they are playing basketball and baseball. Jayden also plays Pee Wee football at Harrison.


The Moore family wanted to live in this area mainly because we have great Cobb County area schools and the boys have lots of sports team friends in the area. They actually have good friends, the Lee Family, living here in Lost Creek! Of course, once they saw Lost Creek with all the trees and wonderful amenities, they were hooked!

Cynthia Fowlkes and Julia Ward

4856 Pond Chase

Cynthia Fowlkes and her mother, Julia Ward, moved to Lost Creek in January 2020. Julia, who is retired from banking, moved from New York. Cynthia split her time between New York and Powder Springs, GA.


Cynthia worked with the New York Department of Education as a high school principal. In 2008 she founded the Academy of Innovative Technology, which specializes in gaming, web design, web, and computers. This successful high school in Brooklyn, NY, is 90% male and has a graduation rate of 91%, far higher than the typical NY high school graduation rate of 75%. Cynthia won many awards with this high-performing Academy. However, she decided to retire early and move to Georgia, where she works part-time as a consultant to other principals.


Cynthia and Julia were attracted to Lost Creek because of all the trees and the fact that the Lost Creek homes are older with a lot of character. Cynthia moved from a New York Brownstone and appreciates the space between homes here.


Cynthia enjoys reading and traveling. She is hoping to meet other neighbors with similar interests and perhaps join others in Book Clubs or Knitting/Crocheting Clubs.

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